Thursday, September 06, 2007

Robbing the Young of the Mystery

Dispensed as it is today by those institutionally constrained and catechetically ill-equipped to explore its deeper mysteries, the vast majority of public school sex-education courses manage only to convince the young that sex is largely reducible to the biology of plumbing and the technology of contraception. About the real mystery and sacramental potential of sexual attraction, the young learn less than nothing. For, in being reassured that they have been taught what they need to know, they are even less likely than they might have been otherwise to give credence to the subtle religious feelings that stir beneath the choppy waves of the copulative instinct.

They deserve better, but, apropos the post immediately prior to this one, now that the education in such matters has fallen -- indeed: fallen -- to the State, and now that the secular State is on high alert to interdict anything suggestive of a (Judeo-Christian) religious provenance, this is what they'll be getting. As a friend who long taught the young once told me -- as he looked back on his years of working with young people: "The young people today have lost the mystery of holding hands."

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