Sunday, August 19, 2007

Phillip, Jamie, Mitchell, & Emily

On July 24th, Pope Benedict XVI met with the priests of two Italian dioceses, taking questions from them at one point. What he said in response to one of the questions is a perfectly apt tribute to the remarkable family with whom I stayed while I was doing things at the Wyoming School of Catholic Thought last week. While my fellow WSCT faculty members and I were giving talks about how better to bear witness to Christian truth, this marvelous family was quietly living that truth in a way that Benedict asked his audience to recognize. He said:
If we see that families nourished by faith live in joy, that they also experience suffering in profound and fundamental joy, that they help others, loving God and their neighbor, in my opinion this is the most beautiful proclamation today. For me too, the most comforting proclamation is always that of seeing Catholic families or personalities who are penetrated by faith: the presence of God truly shines out in them.

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