Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recycling Blog Posts ...

How this piece ended up in my in box I don't know. It apparently first appeared in April. But given how busy I am now with other matters, and given how striking this piece by Russell D. Moore (one of the editors at Touchstone Magazine) is, I thought I would pass it along.

I would like to avoid cultural wars matters as much as possible, but -- as I have said many times from the podium -- to defend every Christian principle except the one currently under attack is to forsake one's duty to defend the faith.

I read today that the leading cause of death in Europe is abortion.

Here is where Moore's piece can be found.

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Athos said...

As I said in a comment elsewhere, we must begin to realize is that the "father of lies and murderer from the beginning," as Our Lord says in John 8, is cloaked beneath the secularist sanctioned cover of the state and rule of law ... again.

In other and clearer words, the ancient sacrificial religion that Christ came to expose and destroy by His cross and resurrection is now looking for and successfully finding new victims to vilify and, if possible, sacrifice on its unholy altar.

But its satanic presence is hidden under the rule of law and statecraft, so such words as "human" and "sacrifice" will never, ever be seen in the secular news media. Why? Because they are secularists, and such primitive religious activities having to do with ancient, pagan deities don't show on their "radar screens."

Pity. What a surprise it would be for them to experience the shock that they are filling the vacuum left by the expelling of Christianity with archaic gods and goddesses who demand more and more victims.