Sunday, June 17, 2007

The lot marked out for me ...

I just returned from California after having to postpone my return twice in order to take care of a number of things on which Randy Coleman-Riese and I are working. I visited our San Diego hosts and returned feeling extremely good about our plans there. It looks as though we will have two venues each month in San Diego.

Because of the delayed return, I was scheduled to leave tomorrow morning (Monday) for Washington, DC, where I have several meetings this week, but I just couldn't handle only 12 hours at home. So I postponed my trip to Washington until Tuesday. There are several more trips this summer and more than I can count once the Emmaus Road Initiative series starts in September. Each month I will be going to Washington, DC; Hartford, CT; Seattle, WA; Santa Rosa, CA; San Diego, CA; Chicago/Wheaton, IL; Houston, TX; and Dallas, TX.

Driving back from the airport today, exhausted but gratified by what had happened on the trip west, a line from Psalm 16 -- the Psalm in Night Prayer for Thursdays -- was running through my head: "The lot marked out for me is my delight."

I'm grateful for the privilege of being able to do what I do and for the great good fortune of having such truly amazing friends with whom to be doing it.

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