Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tolerance Update . . .

From the Associated Press:
Easter, like other Christian holidays, is illegal in Saudi Arabia, a country where Islam is the only recognized religion and hours of searching is necessary to find even a few chocolate eggs. ...

But even the smallest decorations are hard to find during Easter. Among four stores in this city that usually carry Christmas items, only one store stocked chocolate eggs. A sign beneath the sweets at the end of the chocolate isle said "seasonal collection."
What is it with the Associated Press and its fixation on chocolate eggs? It appears that in a word-association test the Associated Press' response to the word "Easter" is "chocolate eggs." Is there any more pathetic symbol of the attenuation of the Christian message than its reduction to "chocolate eggs"?

No wonder the famously moderate Muslims of Saudi Arabia, whom the U.S. has regarded as staunch allies for decades, can force Christians to huddle together for worship in private homes without a peep of protest. If it's just about a few chocolate eggs, why make a fuss?

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Mark J B said...

Eggs are more than pathetic -- they're remnant of a Zoroastrian spring fertility festival, as is the bunny, and the very name, Easter. The Korann corks Christianity by denying the Crucifiction -- "This is conjecture." Odd that the Saudis tolerate a bit of an ancient Persian religion, but not Christianity.