Monday, January 08, 2007

Superficial Eventfulness

Apropos the earlier post, Custody of the Eyes: Romano Guardini:
For the greatest things are accomplished in silence -- not in the clamor and display of superficial eventfulness, but in the deep clarity of inner vision; in the almost imperceptible start of decision, in quiet overcoming and hidden sacrifice. Spiritual conception happens when the heart is quickened by love, and the free will stirs to action. The silent forces are the strong forces. [The Lord, ch. 3].
The "clamor and display of superficial eventfulness" -- what a marvelous phrase! Isn't that the contemporary addiction? Isn't that the curiositas St. Bernard regarded as the first sin?

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Mark J B said...

Reminds me of Herman Hesse's opening line to 'Magister Ludi': "It was the age of the Feulleton."