Saturday, December 09, 2006

Threatened by Assimilation

I'm trying, believe me I am, to get off this topic, but suddenly there's no escape from the Trojan Horse metaphor. Yesterday, a post on the Brussels Journal was entitled: "Trojan Horse: Ankara Influenced Dutch Election Results." Quoting:
Yesterday evening, the Dutch television program Nova caused considerable embarrassment in the Netherlands by revealing how the Turkish government influenced last months’ Dutch general elections. ...

In an e-mail, sent from a government address in Ankara, the Turks in the Netherlands were asked to vote for Koser Kaya [a Turkish-born politician whose party denies the Turkish genocide of Armenian Christians in 1915]. The e-mail was sent by Ali Alaybeyoglu, the advisor to Mehmet Aydin, the Turkish minister of Religious Affairs. The first paragraph reads:

“We all realize that no-one can represent Turks better than Turks. The Turkish community is threatened by assimilation. If we do not unite and vote for a common candidate our position will only worsen in future.”
"Threatened by assimilation," threatened by the process which produced the miracle of the melting pot in what was once the world's greatest experiment in cultural pluralism.

An earlier post on the same weblog reported on the latest census figures for the home of the European Union, the transnational organization that has refused to acknowledge the Christian roots of European civilization, no doubt for fear that it might be offensive:
Most popular name for newborn boys in Brussels, the “capital of Europe,” in 2005: Mohamed ...
No fear of assimilation here. As David Aikman of the Trinity Forum said in something I quoted in an earlier post:
Islamic aspirations for Europe, whether voiced by Islamic leaders outside of the continent or by Islamic community leaders inside it, are unabashedly to Islamicize the entire continent little by little.


Athos said...

When John Paul II the Great warned us not to get into an Iraqi conflagration, I too had malingering doubts, since nearly everyone was projecting Saddam wd have WMD in 5-10 years. Lesson: don’t second guess the Holy Father.

From a mimetic theory viewpoint, exporting a sacrificial event may keep the danger of unrestrained violence at a distance for a time, but a lit fuse will eventually find its way to the powder keg to which it is connected, structurally speaking.

Benedict XVI apparently sees relativist secularism a greater foe than Islam (or the closer) for the time being. His Turkey pilgrimage and initiative with Muslims says that to me, at least. For relativist secularism IS the nihilistic version of paganism par excellence today, the symptoms of which wd be obvious to an OT prophet (child sacrifice, playing the harlot, etc.).

Better to fight the foe already out of the Trojan horse than the one we fear demographically?

frjohnbraun said...

I have long been suspicious, well, even more than suspicious, about the multi-cultural vision for American. Your post "threatend by assimilation" is a good reminder that multi-culturalism and "cultural pluralism" are not even close to being the same, and that multi-culturalism is far from the more benign of the two. But it is popular. The current issue of our diocesan newspaper had a page dedicated to the glory of the "multi-cultural parish."