Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam's Execution

News that Saddam Hussein's execution may be imminent is sad news, regardless of what a psychopathic murderer and torturer he was. It is sadder still that we in this society still tolerate state executions when we have the means for preventing evil-doers from causing harm (even to their fellow prisoners).

While many Iraqis will no doubt take heart at Saddam's execution, seeing it as a sign that the worst abuses of the Hussein regime are over, many will find it an excuse for more violence. Even at the level of sacrificial ritual, it will not "work." But it would be ludicrous to succumb to politically correct sentimentality and view Saddam as a martyr. We can leave that to the Sunnis fanatics.

To sincerely pray for Saddam in his final days or moments is to simply fulfill one's Christian duty toward a fellow sinner who will soon be in need, as we all will, of God's mercy.

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Unknown said...

Thank-you. I feel less alone and more hopeful when I read what you have written. I too feel sadness not only because of the execution of Saddam Hussein but also for the legacy he has left with no opportunity for redemption. It has been awhile since I have had the chance to visit this site but today I was driven. I knew I could count on you to express the right words.