Monday, November 27, 2006

Jordan Elizabeth Bailie

Jordan Elizabeth Bailie - 6 lbs. 1 oz.

About nine months ago, Jordan Elizabeth Bailie came into the world. But last night around 11:30 she took her first breath, received her name, and opened her little eyes on the parents she is most fortunate to have been given, Hunt and Yuni Bailie. Her grandfather was unable to be present for Jordan Elizabeth's arrival, but he is beside himself with joy.

Jordan with her mother, Yuni

Jordan with her proud father, Hunt


Unknown said...

The baby is beautiful Grand Paw! Is that the first one?

I just found the blog from the newsletter. It's looking great.

We are praying for Liz.
John Powell
P.S. The Captcha is a little hard to read.

Mary Tinker said...

Gil and Liz: Only one comment?!

She is a beautiful baby and I hope that mother and child are doing well.
She looks very sweet held aloft by her father's arm.
We are praying for Liz and thinking of you both daily.
Mary Tinker