Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Sin" ...

An article last Friday in the New York Daily News about the New York Supreme Court ruling requiring Catholic institutions to provide female employees with birth control coverage regardless of their religious scruples in the matter, begins this way:
Even if they believe contraception is "sinful," religious social service organizations must provide female employees with birth control coverage in their health insurance, the state's highest court unanimously ruled yesterday.
Later in the article the sneer quotes around the word sinful recur. The question is: what is being sneered at? Is it the "sinfulness" of contraception, the very idea of "sin," or the antiquated religion that still insists of using such an outmoded vocabulary?
NARAL Pro Choice New York and Family Planning Advocates of New York State praised the ruling.
As long as the separation between Church and State gives way in right direction, those who use it as a slogan of convenience see no problems.

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