Friday, October 27, 2006

The Reckless Experiment Continues

Ryan Anderson’s piece on the First Things weblog On the Square is well worth reading. He writes of the October 25th decision of the New Jersey Supreme Court erasing the distinction between marriage as understood for millennia and the sundry arrangements that, in attempting to approximate it, manage only to mock it. Such fashionable acts of what Anderson aptly calls the new judicial aristocracy are not just morally and rationally dubious; they are anthropologically reckless in the extreme, dismantling culture's central institution and vastly compounding the ticking time-bomb of great numbers of children growing up in the shifting sands of social experiment without a father and a mother.

But Anderson’s most important point has to do with the down-stream ramifications of the New Jersey decision: the suppression of free speech and the curtailment of the free exercise of religion. Once again, those who coo about diversity are putting laws in place that are likely to turn the public expression of a moral and social principle based on nature and on the wisdom of the ages into a hate crime.

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