Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I apologize for the tone of the last blog post, though not for its essential content. I dashed it off in the wee hours of the morning and in the midst of other worries related to my wife's ill-health (though that is no excuse). It gave vent to a long-standing exasperation I have felt with the university administrators and university professorates at many Catholic colleges and universities. I said the Georgetown move was disheartening. Indeed it is; but one can always feel heartened by the many marvelous Jesuits who have kept a light in the window during this long, sad period of Jesuit self-parody. In recent blog posts I have quoted Henri de Lubac, SJ, Raymund Schwager, SJ, Edward Oaks, SJ, and others. May the religious order they loved and served be rekindled by spirits such as theirs.

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